Buying a Home in Canada

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Mortgage Rates

Discounted rates found on the internet on May 17, 2019.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

1-year closed: 3.09% (3.09%)
2-year closed: 2.89% (2.89%)
3-year closed: 2.94% (2.94%)
4-year closed: 3.04% (3.04%)
5-year closed: 2.74% (2.74%)
7-year closed: 3.24% (3.54%)
10-yr closed:   3.24% (3.44%)

Qualify. Rate:  5.34% (5.34%)

Variable-Rate Mortgages

BofC’s Target:   1.75% (1.75%)
Banks' Prime:    3.95% (3.95%)

5-year: Prime - 1.30% or 2.65%

Some rates may only be available to people with top credit living in specific areas. BofC stands for Bank of Canada. The "Qualifying Rate" is used to qualify borrowers choosing terms of 4 years or less. The rates in bracket are from May 10, 2019.

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