Buying a Home in Canada


Here’s is what some buyer-clients had to say about the coaching service they received from my firm over the years. I am very grateful to all these people for providing me with such wonderful comments. But in all honesty, I don't think I am anything special. I do consider all of my clients' purchases as if they were my own but so do thousands of other real estate professionals across the country. And it is those people that I hope to convince to open their own buyers-only brokerage and join me on the purchaser's side of the industry. Every Canadian homebuyer that wants it should have access to a true buying specialist - and that, regardless of where they live. This market is untapped and full of potential. As far as I am concerned, this is the future of real estate. I am truly looking forward to announcing the opening of every single new office in my weekly updates. So REALTORS what are you waiting for? The best markets are still up for grabs. Don't let someone else beat you to it.

(Some of these testimonials have been slightly edited and/or shortened for the purpose of this site).

"… As you know, I was quite pleased with your assistance and the logical approach you suggested for my home search. So much so, I even recommended your services to my sister, who is also pleased with her new home. I, too, like to approach decisions in an organized, thorough and precise manner, and your methodology further fine-tuned my original home-purchase plan. I specifically appreciated your patience, (30 home-viewings and 45 more cut-sheets later!) and guidance in this complex purchase. As well, I think you deserve a lot of credit for championing the cause of buyers, virtually by yourself, against a very established industry, which favours the agents, above buyers and sellers. I hope you will be able to sustain your current success by getting your message out to consumers. … I continue to be delighted with my home, as is everyone else who views it. … I will continue to recommend you to any further home-purchasers I encounter." Anne T. (Halifax)

"... the way you prepared the offer to purchase by including all of the extras I truly wanted was a stellar job... every day I pass by that condo you wisely criticized for its lack of storage, small dining room, and the possible lengthy completion of the project - if ever - I mentally thank you for helping me back away...  you were sensitive to what I was looking for... and took the hassle out of having to deal directly with the owner... Thanks for everything!" Michael R. (Beaverbank)

"... the level of preparedness and what to realistically expect to be able to afford that you provided us was invaluable. It made our home buying experience that much more reassuring. Thank you!" Noah and Kate E. (Halifax)

"We are very happy with the service Alain provided for us! We could not imagine where we would have ended up without him!" Rob M. and Sonja B. (West Pennant)

"... Very impressed by your attitude, integrity, and lack of greed...  The service provided was unlike anything I had expected based on the negative experiences of other buyers... we would be very happy to share our experience with others..." Scott and Madeleine C. (Halifax)

"If you are looking for an agent who is on the side of the buyer then Alain and HBI are the people and place to go." Peter and Bernice A. (Halifax)

"We are very happy with Alain's services. We love the home that he helped us buy. Alain knows his job and puts a lot of passion into it. Do not hesitate to call him when you are ready to buy a house." Marius B. and Daniela C. (Dartmouth)

"Being single and making one of the biggest decisions in one's life... having your support and expertise was appreciated beyond what can be expressed. I knew that you would paint a full picture and not lead me in the wrong direction. Outstanding service... Thank you." Pam G. (Hammonds Plains)

"As a first-time homebuyer, I found there to be so many details and issues to deal with. Alain was incredibly helpful in getting me through the details and keeping me on an even keel. His services and expertise allowed me to feel confident as I moved through the home buying process. It was almost easy! And he knew how to make the whole process seem manageable... fun even! Thanks!" Eric R. (Dartmouth)

"A buyer's best asset is having a representative who is knowledgeable, experienced and committed to you as a client, but Alain goes beyond what you might expect. You soon learn, at the first viewing, how valuable his professional opinion is - that he has your best interests at heart. Also our selling experience was easier and more profitable because of what we learned from him. Your home purchase is too important to let any agent sell you a property - Alain will be there every step of the way to help you buy the right one." Ron and Jane G. (Bedford)

"You were recommended to us and we would recommend you. We liked that you have a very good knowledge base on defects and the cost of replacing things. It really opened our eyes... You listened well to what we were interested in and respected that when searching... You are very thorough and informative." Andy S. and Valerie R. (Lawrencetown)

"... Alain pointed out things that were wrong that we would have never seen or realized. While helping us find a good home, he built trust with his honesty and hard work. He was always easy to reach and fast to accommodate meetings. Thank you, we love our home." Val and Marina S. (Dartmouth)

"If a buyer is looking for help we would say: Alain is very personable. He responded quickly to our requests. We always felt he was on our side. We never felt he was just trying to make a sale... we never felt pressured... we would highly recommend him." Trevor C. and Noha E. (Halifax)

"Alain was the right person to work with. He built trust and confidence in our initial meeting and proved this during the process. As a homebuyer, you feel restless during negotiations, yet Alain was calm and relaxed which helped me a lot for better thinking. Nothing would have been the same without his supportive guidance. Thanks a lot." Nurudil T. (Halifax)

"One of Alain's best skills is not only finding defects and negative features in houses but explaining their impact on price and things we could do to increase it on resale... we felt he was buying a home with us not for us and definitely not selling us a house... you will not find a better buying agent. If you are looking for someone to call you and tell you about all the reasons you need to buy, Alain is not your guy. If you want someone to help you find the right home, there is no one better. Thanks!" Mike and Sarah M. (Dartmouth)

"Alain Savard is a top-notch buyer's agent who sincerely has the buyer's best interests at heart. We have had the pleasure of working with him on two occasions in the last 5 years; once for the purchase of a new construction, and most recently for an intense 5-day out-of-province house hunting trip. Both experiences resulted in the purchase of a home that was just right for us. He cares about his clients and it shows. Thanks Alain!" Andy and Natalie M. (Bedford)

"... you helped us avoid several situations which would have lead to regret. And, when we knew we had found our home, you responded quickly and made the deal go through. We ended up spending much less money than we had expected to, and this was possible mainly because you helped us become educated buyers. Thanks Alain!" Kevin and Joanne L. (Dartmouth)

"I would highly recommend HBI's services to any homebuyer. I started out not knowing much but after taking Alain's course and reading his book I was well-prepared to go forward. Buying my first home on my own was stressful but having Alain assist me was invaluable. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy. I trusted him every step of the way - this was important to me and made it a very good experience. Merci Alain!" Vanessa R. (Dartmouth)

"... I would say that I felt you truly had our best interests at heart from start to finish. As first-time homebuyers, it was good to know we had someone solely representing us that was there every step of the way to ensure we found the right house for us." Travis and Sonya M. (Hammonds Plains)

"As first-time homebuyers, you took a lot of the fear and anxiety out of the process. HBI provided much needed guidance and a support system for us, making this an enjoyable experience! Will definitely recommend!" Sean and Alison K. (Wellington)

"A short note to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping us find our house. We so appreciated your advice, experience and friendly professionalism in all of our interactions. We are indeed enjoying our home and it is looking much better after some good hard work. Once again thank you." Cindy and Jonathan G. (Dartmouth)

"Dear Alain, Thanks so much for all your help in the purchase of our first home. As much as we tried to prepare for buying a home, the number of factors to consider could be overwhelming and the pace at which things happen was unbelievable. Working with you, we rested easy knowing we could take care of the things that required our attention and that you took care of the rest. When we consider a lot of the problems some of our friends had, we consider ourselves lucky that everything went so easy. We realize though that it is not luck, it is having the right kind of agent. You and HBI are highly recommended to our friends. Thanks again for all you have done." Glenn and Christa R. (Dartmouth)

"Alain, thank you for helping me find the perfect house. I couldn't have done it without all your help and advice. Take care." Shelley L. (Timberlea)

“I greatly enjoy my new home and I wanted to thank you and your staff for all your hard work and perseverance in helping me find it. I hope you find all the success you’ve earned. Again my thanks for everything. Cheers!” Bill H. (Halifax)

“I’m enjoying my house and feel it is just right for me. Thank you so much for all your help. You made it so painless. I’ll definitely recommend your services to everyone I know looking. Take care,”  Jo-Anne D. (Halifax)

“… if I had known that it was so easy to buy real estate, I would have done it years ago.  You explained the process very well and were always accessible and helpful. Merci pour toute votre aide.”  Louis F. (Halifax)

“Let me say how very much we appreciated having the services of Home Buyers Incorporated while seeking to purchase a house in Halifax. You were extremely helpful, personable, and expertly professional throughout the entire process, from the initial decision to look right through to the details of closing the deal. It was most pleasant to know that “our” agents truly were on our side, legally speaking. Should we have occasion to buy another house in the area, we shall certainly be in touch. I cannot imagine buying through a traditional agency in the future. Many thanks for your efforts on our behalf. With very good wishes”  Christopher & Sharon G. (Halifax)


“You guys are simply the best. My wife and I did a lot of research, and also attended your course at Mount Saint Vincent University before we even considered buying. After going to some open houses and talking with various real estate agents we knew that Home Buyers Incorporated was the only way we were ever going to get the kind of service and representation that we were looking for… I cannot say enough good things about Home Buyers Incorporated, honest, dependable, hardworking and perfectionists are all words I would use to describe you. In every situation, we were confident that you had our best interests at heart. You guys see things when looking at a home that I would have never have thought of… it almost like you are buying it for yourselves. We arrived at a home viewing in Dartmouth once and having arrived early to have a look around, the first thing you told us was: “guys, this place is not for you”. To us it looked fabulous but after you pointed out some structural problems (that would have cost BIG money down the road) we were in agreement with you. I have heartily recommended your company to all my friends and co-workers and will continue to do so…  Thank you HBI.”  Chad N. (Hammonds Plains)


“As a first-time buyer, and a single woman, I was nervous about buying a house. I greatly appreciated getting an inside look at how the real estate business works, through Alain Savard’s seminar and book. Working with Alain and his assistant was enjoyable – I appreciated their professionalism, intelligence and humor. I never felt pressured, or hesitant about asking questions. I am very grateful to Home Buyers Inc. and recommend their services to all my friends. Good luck, and thank you again Alain, it was such a pleasure working with you.”  Liza M. (Halifax)


“This letter of appreciation is long overdue, since you have now twice helped Ken and I purchase a wonderful home. Consider this a double-sized “thank you” for all the invaluable advice and assistance you have given us over the past two years. We have been so impressed with the service you provide that we have told many friends and acquaintances about your distinctive approach to buying a home.  … Proof of the value of your guidance really came home to us this past fall when we decided to put our first house on the market. Because we listened to your advice and bought a property with one eye on its potential for easy resale, we were able to sell our home in only ten days. We are now enjoying our new home with the confidence that it, too, will hold its value and resell fairly quickly when the time comes for us to move again.  When I describe Alain Savard to other people, the adjectives I find myself repeating most are “honest,” “thorough,” and “diligent.” I know you are honest because, on more than one occasion, you have talked us out of what might have been an easy transaction for you in order to make sure we purchased a quality house that would continue to meet our needs over time. I know you’re unusually thorough because, even though I pride myself on being a detail-oriented purchaser, you have often spotted defects in a property that completely escaped my notice. And I know you’re diligent because even when MLS listings are scarce, you consider every angle and investigate every possible lead…  Home Buyers Incorporated is certainly no ordinary real estate brokerage. During every step of both our home purchases, you exceeded our expectations with extraordinary customer service and exceptional results. During our recent shopping expeditions to outfit our new house with cabinets and flooring, Ken and I looked at each other several times and said, “Thank goodness for Alain and the increased allowance he negotiated!” And we definitely say, “Thank goodness for Alain!” every time we drive by that tiny house in Eastern Passage I was so keen on (the one with the pink carpet and the drainage problem). I shudder to think what we might have bought without you to act as our Sober Second Thought.  When it comes time for us to move again, we will surely call upon your expertise again. In the meantime, Ken and I are delighted to see HBI expand and hope that your business continues to meet with the success it so obviously deserves.”  Dawn H. & Ken N. (Dartmouth)


“After spending some time looking at the real estate market in HRM, my wife Tracy and I had pretty much given up. Houses seemed to be far too expensive for the property being presented. We had gone to some open houses and talked to some Realtors only to be disappointed time and time again. Alain was referred to us by a co-worker who told us about the help he had given her family. We were skeptical, but decided to give him a call. We never regretted it. From the start, Alain was honest and dedicated to helping us find our home. He took the time to find out what we were looking for and then educated us on what we needed to do to make our dream become a reality. Alain and his team provided us with the tools we needed to make our decisions. … He calls himself a “Devil’s Advocate”; we call him an “Eye Opener” … Alain was a tough but fair negotiator on our behalf and that’s all we could have asked for…”  Darren & Tracy F. (Sackville)


“To everyone at Home Buyers Inc., thank you for making the experience of buying our first home so enjoyable. We are truly happy with the outcome. Next to actually moving in our own home, becoming clients of Home Buyers Inc. was the best step we took in the whole process. Our best wishes to you!”  Gina D. & Darren C. (Upper Tantallon) 


“Alain was the critical element in guiding us through an extremely difficult buying situation was had in the summer of 2000. He was knowledgeable, professional and brought incredible value to our home buying experience. We really appreciated the independence of his practice and felt that, at all times, he was on our side of the table. Before our next purchase we will call on him to advise us again.”  Steven P. & Margot F. (Halifax) 


“We found Alain to be very helpful to us in finding a home that was environmentally healthy. Given our sensitivities, that was not an easy task! He even supported testing for radon gas when traditional Realtors felt it was unnecessary. We would definitely call on his services again.”  Chris W. & Jack R. (Dartmouth) 


“I can’t believe it’s been five years since I bought my home! I haven’t regretted it for a second. That in part is due to the expert help I received from Alain Savard at the time of purchase. He outlined everything I needed to know in such a way that there were no surprises, no unexpected costs or hoops to jump through. Most importantly he listened to what I wanted and acted in my best interest. Thanks again Alain!”  Leslie I. (Halifax)


"Being a military family, we have become used to regular moves. Along with these moves is the prospect of purchasing a new home. Afforded a five-day house hunting trip during which the military’s expectation is for us to complete all of the purchase arrangements with the exception of closing, the pressure and stress involved in this type of trip can be daunting. In our recent move to Halifax, rather than dealing with a regular Real Estate Agency, we decided to give our business to Alain Savard, owner of a firm that specialized only in home purchases. Fundamentally the difference with Home Buyers Incorporated is that they are looking to satisfy only the needs of the buyer, unlike a real estate agent who is often under pressure to sell homes listed with his/her company in order to promote fast purchases and sales. Of course the end result is that individuals could be steered toward looking at one company’s homes and there is less onus on the agent to ensure that the purchaser gets the best value for money spent.

We found good value with Alain Savard. Our interests in purchasing were the top priority and the service offered, as well as the end result, made purchasing our home a pleasure and allowed us to achieve a deal that we were happy with financially. Alain provided information to us in advance of arriving to Halifax so we could narrow down areas and/or types of properties we wanted to look at. Once on the ground in Halifax, Alain was well organized in order to allow us to visit the most properties in the least amount of time in order to maximize the utilization of the first few days of our five-day house-hunting trip.  As it turned out we bought the first home that Alain showed us. His expertise in the closing process and negotiating our best interests with the builder made the closing quick and easy. Familiar with the various legal advisors and home inspectors in town, Alain put us in touch with outstanding experts who again facilitated our buying.  If you are planning to purchase in the Halifax area we have no reservation in highly recommending Alain Savard and Home Buyers Incorporated. Having moved and purchased a number of times, our most recent purchase with Alain representing us was the most pleasant and we feel that we got good value for money with our home purchase."  Stuart & Ann Marie M. (Hammonds Plains)

"Dear Alain, Thank you for your patience, knowledge and the quality of service provided. Having no idea of how to prepare or what to expect when purchasing a home, I took the advice of a friend and took your evening course at Mount Saint Vincent University, the best investment I have ever made. I want you to know that with your help and guidance, you made buying my first home a wonderful experience. When I tell people about my experience with buying my home, the first question I get is ‘What real estate agent did you use?’ I tell them I didn’t; I used a Professional Buyer Agent. Well, needless to say, if I had a penny for every person who asked for your name and number. I recommend you every chance I get. Thanks again!"  Susan R. (Halifax)

"When I began to look for my first house, I quickly realized that I knew very little about the process of purchasing a home. Even worse, having a sales background and significant experience in large business dealings, I knew that my requirements as a buyer could not be properly represented by a real estate ‘salesperson’. Salespeople, by the nature of their title, are motivated to sell on behalf of the seller. But who, on the other hand, would represent me - the buyer - in this transaction? I surely was not qualified. And I was very concerned about letting a seller’s agent negotiate on my behalf. Where was I to turn?  Responding to an advertisement, I attended one of Alain Savard’s home buying seminars. What an eye opener that was! Remember that I have a relatively extensive business background and know about volume bonuses, incentives, kickbacks, points, etc. and all of it and more is present in the real estate industry.  Mr. Savard knows his stuff! He can steer you away from some of the traps an unsuspecting buyer would easily walk right away into. Even though his company is still paid on commission, they work for buyers only and through their unique service contract legally commit to get their clients the best possible deals and disclose all the information. As a result of this contract, they carry significantly more liability than any traditional salesperson does.  Throughout the purchasing process, Mr. Savard’s instructions and advice were excellent and efficient. He was always professional, reliable, ethical, timely informed and was genuinely concerned about getting as much for my hard-earned money as possible. Believe it or not, when it came time to place an offer, he actually told me to bid lower than I suggested and ask for more included in the price. Quite simply, a salesperson would not have done that! This simple suggestion saved me thousands of dollars! I believe that he really does have the buyer’s best interests at heart. Do I believe in what Mr. Savard is doing? You better believe it! Thanks Alain."  Brad H. (Sackville)

"You were very understanding and supportive of what we wanted and allowed us to change our mind throughout our search. You were always willing to go the extra mile to see that we could view a home at our convenience. You promptly looked for new listings and always highlighted the positives and negatives of each property. You know your clients well and are willing and able to see from our perspective."  Jason B. & Amanda L. (Halifax)

"Voilà bientôt 3 mois que nous sommes dans notre nouvelle maison. Chaque jour nous l’apprécions davantage et ne regrettons rien de notre achat. Nous voulons te remercier pour tout l’aide que tu nous as apporté. Sans toi l’achat de notre première maison n’aurait pas été si facile. Tu nous as expliqué le cheminement à suivre, les lois, les coûts et surtout tu n’as pas arrêté de nous guider vers la bonne route. Les recommandations sur ton entreprise et ton service bilingue nous ont mis en confiance dès le début. Nous souhaitons longue vie à ton entreprise et merci beaucoup à toi et ton equipe."  Steven W. & Isabel L. (Dartmouth)

"… We found the entire process extremely positive, and believe that you most certainly achieved your goals: devil’s advocate, personal advisor and negotiator. It was of great benefit to be helped in reasoning on the many aspects of home buying, to be made aware of the unthought-of’s and to keep focused on our goals in looking for a home. I am quite sure we would have overlooked our present home if not for your help and advice when it almost seemed out of reach. We were able to keep our focus and now, we couldn’t be happier. It is our home, not a house. We always strongly recommend this way of finding a home when talking of our own positive experience to our friends. Thank you once again."  David & Gloria B. (Sackville)

"Being new to Nova Scotia, we weren't sure which real estate laws were the same as or different than the province we came from, so we first signed Andy up for Alain's "Buying a Home in Halifax" seminar at Mount Saint-Vincent University. We were both duly impressed with the amount of information handed out at the seminar, and with Alain's openness and frankness. When we were ready to buy, he really worked just for us - when we looked at one place, he saw that it wasn't what we really wanted and encouraged us to keep looking. When we found the right house, he knew it as much as we did - maybe more so! We signed an offer the day it was listed, since Alain had been very diligent in checking the new listings regularly - had that not happened, somebody else would probably have bought before we even had a chance to look at it! We were very happy with Alain's services, and love our new home! We would recommend Home Buyers Incorporated wholeheartedly (and have) to anybody out there looking to buy a house."  Judy & Andy K. (Dartmouth)

"Home buying is so organized and pleasant with Home Buyers Incorporated that we were able to be first-time home buyers AND first-time parents within the very same week!"  Robert, Julia & baby Sophia J., Dartmouth

"It is a pleasure to reply to your request for comments regarding your professional services during the process of my home purchase. ... I appreciated your thorough explanation of the process, you kept our objectives clear throughout many viewings and some disappointments, you were available and patient, my house is as close to ideal for me as possible..."  Mrs. Shirley O. (Dartmouth)

"Working with Mr. Savard to purchase our home was one of the best move we made. We first attended his seminar at Mount Saint- Vincent University and later contacted him to purchase our home. With Mr. Savard's help we have the house we wanted in a quiet neighbourhood. We were able to stay within our price range, he also helped by suggesting a mortgage broker (with a great rate) and a good lawyer who became our family lawyer. All in all, we are more than happy with Mr. Savard and his company."  Gerry & Jan P. (Sackville)

"Alain is unique because he goes the extra step to offer a course on home buying which was an easy and unintimidating way for a first-time buyer like myself to become educated on the home buying process. I realized while taking the course that Alain appeared to be a bright, friendly and ambitious individual so I contracted his services to help me find my first home. I'm now a proud homeowner and with the information Alain provides me after the purchase regarding the sale prices of homes near me, I'll be comfortable knowing what my home is worth should I want to sell and upgrade in the future."  Steven A. (Sackville)

"Alain, when I made the decision to purchase a home you were very thorough in explaining all aspects of buying such as what to look for when applying for a mortgage, location of the home, closing costs, etc. all in plain language. I found your company to be unique in that you only work with buyers. As an agent you were patient, kind, very optimistic while at the same time cautioning me about properties I shouldn't consider. At the time of my purchase I was single and you made a point of ensuring that the neighbourhoods I was looking at were safe ... and gave me advice I cannot put a price on. I can't say enough about your service Alain, and I highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a home especially single women. You are dedicated, have a great sense of humour, are not pushy and last but not least very patient because it took me almost 2 years to find the perfect home."  Lorraine H.-H. (Timberlea)

"What a great house! Thank you so much Alain for helping us find the perfect home, we know you went beyond the call of duty. Your patience and professionalism were so important especially since it was our first house. We feel we have earned a degree in home buying from all that you have taught us. You helped us with our purchase more like a true friend than a buyer agent. Thanks for everything."  Donald M. & Joan B. (Hatchett Lake)

"Buying a house was for me, like for most, an overwhelming experience. I had heard a lot of negative stories about real estate people and I was hesitant to hire someone. I had met Alain one year earlier at one of his seminars and decided to give him a chance. I never regretted my decision, it is nice to have someone like him in your corner when the right time comes."  Zbigniew K. (Halifax)

"Alain Savard helped make our first home buying experience a positive one. To us, he sets the standard in home buying."  Dean & Michelle M. (Dartmouth)

"Being recently married and new to the whole home buying process I was very pleased with the services provided by Alain Savard of Home Buyers Incorporated. In my opinion, everyone looking to purchase a home should at least attend Alain's three-hour seminar at Mount Saint-Vincent University. I was amazed by what I didn't know including all of the services real estate agents can provide, but often don't until asked. Alain's value extended well beyond the seminar. His knowledge and commitment was professional, but in a very friendly and relaxed way. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an honest person working on their side."  Robert K. (Timberlea)

"I first learned of your services through a seminar you offered at Mount Saint-Vincent University. I attended the seminar, was impressed with your approach and knowledge and sought further assistance from you. You made the whole process, from start to finish, stress free and enjoyable. Your manner was professional, courteous and relaxed. We looked at several houses that met my list of 'must haves' and finally came upon my present home. Each step and each form was explained and my questions answered. I am happy with this property as it still meets my needs. I am glad to hear that your business is expanding and wish you the best with that new venture. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone, new home buyers especially."  Cathy C. (Dartmouth)

"Alain, you knew this was our first house and wanted us to be very certain we purchased the right home. You walked us through the entire process thoroughly and at a good pace. You explained everything in plain language and made us feel very comfortable with you. Your years of real estate experience work for you and your clients. If we are in the need of a home buying rep. in the future, we would not hesitate to call you. Anyone we come in contact with gets to hear the praise we have for you and how we came to find our home."  David & Nancy M. (Halifax)

"Alain, I am only too pleased to recount that you made buying a home an enjoyable exercise. Should I have cause to buy again, I'll certainly be giving you a call. I just hope you aren't so busy that you won't be able to take on new clients!"  David F. (Dartmouth)

"Yes, I would certainly recommend your services to any home buyer. The help and advise that you gave me was very valuable as I was made aware of all the costs involved in buying a home. Also, you took the time to search out and recommend homes that I might be interested in and should have a look at. Your help during the counter-offer stage saved me both time and money as you were able to guide me through the steps and do the "leg work" of running the papers back and forth allowing me not to miss work."  Marlene M. (Halifax)

"We began our search for a home with Alain Savard in 1996. Before attending any open houses, we sat down with Alain to determine our preferences in terms of house style and location as well as price range. Having done this, Alain sorted through the hundreds of homes on the market to set up appointments with those appropriate to our needs. When viewing homes, Alain was able to provide us with an objective opinion on both the merits and disadvantages of each of the properties we saw. We eventually decided to build a home. Alain approached potential home builders with our plans and was instrumental in leading us through writing a contract and introducing us to the home building process. Our home building experience came off without a hitch due in large part to Alain's advice and the good relationship he helped us build with our contractor. We would have no hesitation in recommending Alain to those who will be buying or building a home."  David & Leean A. (Hammonds Plains)

Mortgage Rates

Discounted rates found on the internet on February 23, 2024.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages

1-year closed: 6.64% (6.59%)
2-year closed: 5.84% (5.84%)
3-year closed: 5.09% (5.09%)
5-year closed: 4.69% (4.69%)
7-year closed: 5.64% (5.64%)
10-yr closed:   5.74% (5.74%)

Variable-Rate Mortgages

BofC’s Rate:   5.00% (5.00%)
Banks' Prime:    7.20% (7.20%)
5-year: Prime - 1.30% or 5.90%

Some rates may require CMHC insurance coverage. BofC stands for Bank of Canada. The rates in brackets are from February 16, 2024.

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